Tiny House Tour: Aviation House

It’s not a bird, it’s not quite a plane, but it IS a tiny house…

In last week’s episode, “315 Sq. Ft. Aviation House,” John and Zack take tiny living to new heights as they help build a home in the style of a sleek airplane. Dusty and Ashley believe the mortgage-free life will give them more time for their passions and hobbies, which include flying planes and traveling around the country.

Along with the basics, the must-haves for their aviation abode include:

  • Two sleeping lofts
  • Ample kitchen space
  • Room to entertain
  • Individual work spaces (specifically room for Dusty’s flight simulator)

Take a look at the results below!

tiny house nation aviation house
Rolled aluminum siding with black matte vinyl wrap decals create a sleek and unique exterior that mimics older fighter planes.

tiny house nation aviation houseYes, that’s an extra large kitchen sink and a full-size, 5-burner stove.

tiny house nation aviation houseClever design turns a dog-friendly stairway into seating, more storage AND desk space, when pulled away from the wall.

tiny house nation aviation houseBehind the staircase is more storage, desk space and a stool.

Watch the full episode</a> to see more of the aviation house features and check out all of the Tiny House Nation full episodes here.

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