Tiny House Tour: Survival House

Outdoor enthusiasts Vanessa and Jared have been looking to own a house, keep traveling and also have some money to spare in the end. Although Jared wasn’t sold on going tiny, it was Vanessa who convinced him it was the best way to get everything they wanted in life.

Vanessa, a former chef, is studying to get her doctorate, but is unsure where grad school could take them geographically. Jared is a Navy survival trainer who has a ton of gear and a sore back to prove it. The couple also wants to be closer to Jared’s 11-year-old son who currently lives in Utah. Downsizing to a tiny house gives Vanessa and Jared the financial freedom and the flexibility to move and live around the country, as needed.

The couple have a lot of extra stuff (plus a dog!) and the thought of paring down and simplifying their lifestyle was “mildly terrifying.” But, John and Zack were determined to ease their minds and give them a tiny (280-square-foot) house of their dreams, as long they provided the following:

  • Stairway access to the loft
  • Extra sleeping space for guests
  • Chef’s kitchen with a full-size stove and refrigerator
  • Storage space for Jared’s gear
  • Grilling station

Take a look at the Survival House results below:

tiny house nation survival houseDouble wide, deep sink, gas stove and counter space was essential in this home.

tiny house nation survival houseThe sofa is wide enough to seat three people and provides storage below.

tiny house nation survival houseThe master loft has windows on both sides, which provide more light for the interior, as well as great views of the exterior landscape.

tiny house nation survival houseThis tiny house bathroom features a glass-encased shower and washer/dryer. The couple admitted this bathroom is actually bigger than their original bath!

Could you survive tiny living? Get details on the Survival House build and watch more episodes of Tiny House Nation here and every Saturday at 9/8c.

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