Tiny House Tour: Smart House

Can a tiny techie house bring one to tears? In Kyle and Jennifer’s case, yes. With a new job, a new business and a move to another state, going tiny was the best choice for this newly engaged couple to accomplish their short-term goals on a tight timeline and an even tighter budget.

For the past two years, the couple has planned out the next steps to go tiny, slowly pairing down their personal items to the necessities. But with Jennifer’s love of crafting and Kyle’s interest in retro video games, they dedicated a lot of space to hobbies alone. Our Tiny House Nation hosts John and Zack were able to help the couple take those last, emotional steps over the finish line into their tech-friendly, 230-square-foot, tiny dream house.

The must-have list:

  • Smart home, high-tech features, including lights, locks and window tinting all controlled by a mobile phone app
  • Clean, contemporary style
  • Storage for Kyle’s gaming console collection
  • Space for Jennifer’s candle making and art projects
  • Space for Kyle’s podcast mic and computers

Take a look at the Smart House results below:

tiny house nation smart houseThe master bed loft is accessed via a wide stairway and features a window for extra light and a great view.

tiny house nation smart house
The living room doesn’t seem tiny at all and fits a full sectional sofa, a flat screen TV and plenty of windows.

tiny house nation smart house
The kitchen is roomy enough for Kyle and Jennifer to cook together.

tiny house nation smart house
The second loft houses Kyle’s gaming console collection and provides more room for lounging.

Check out more of the build behind the Smart House and check out new episodes of Tiny House Nation every Saturday at 9/8c.

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