Tiny House Tour: Seven's Company

Some people say three’s a crowd, but how about seven? For John and Zack, it’s just enough people to fit a family in a tiny house.

This week, Zack and John were challenged with creating a tiny house for their biggest family yet, the music-loving Moore family. They were tasked with making a tiny house for parents Blaine and Michelle and their five sons. That’s right, FIVE sons. And even though only three sons would live in the house, it was a major priority that there was enough room for all of the Moore sons.

“In order to go tiny and make this decision, we had to sell the only house that they knew,” explained Michelle, matriarch of the Moore family. “And it’s really important to us that they have a place here.”

As if making room for seven people wasn’t hard enough, the Moore’s are also major music lovers who needed room for their instruments. Check out the other specifics they asked for in their home.

  • Open living room area
  • Space for all 5 sons to sleep
  • Incorporate piano owned by grandfather

See if John and Zack were able to hit the right notes for this family in the photos below.

Space was a major issue for this king-sized family, but the living room comfortably fits everyone. And 2 hidden beds make room for all 5 kids to sleep.

clever storage for a kids bunk areaA loft was added to make room for the 3 kids that are still living in the Moore household, with storage below the beds for any necessities.

THN-Sevens-Company-5Zack was back at it again with the creative use of materials, repurposing the piano from the Moore family and incorporating it into the bed frame for the master bedroom.

Tune in to the full episode to fully explore the tiny house, and check out other episodes of Tiny House Nation to see all the transformations!

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