Tiny House Tour: Romantic Abode

In this week’s episode of Tiny House Nation, our longtime love birds met as tiny teens in middle school. After so many years together, Nick and Vickie decided to mature their relationship even further by going tiny.

Some people might think that living in extremely close quarters with your spouse would be a challenge. And those people would be right. However, that’s not something that Nick and Vickie had to tackle for the first time. After selling their house in Ohio and moving into a 600-square-foot studio apartment in Washington, this couple adjusted to living in smaller spaces than most others. So why did they want to go even tinier?

“When we had out home back in Ohio, it was great because it was our own,” said Nick. “Taking care of the house, having people over, being able to do those homeowner things.”

And now, thanks to John and Zack, they can do those homeowner things wherever they want (even on a ferry!) in their new tiny house. Here are a few of the features that they requested:

  • Natural wood accents with a pop of color
  • Spacious kitchen for healthy meals and date nights
  • Room for a record player and vinyls
  • Study area for both Nick and Vickie

Check out what Zack and John came up with:

tiny house nation romantic abodeThe seating area in the living is multipurpose, so Nick and Vickie can transform the sofa into a table with two chairs for studying. And the natural wood is consistently featured inside and out.

tiny house nation romantic abodeThere’s plenty of room for Nick and Vickie to make nutritious meals in their kitchen with expanded counter space.

tiny house nation romantic abodeThree separate hidden compartments in the loft area hold Nick and Vickie’s record player and vinyl collection. The loft also doubles as a sleeping area for visitors.

Check out more of the Romantic Abode full episode and get inspiration for tiny living on Saturdays at 9/8c!

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