Tiny House Tour: Ohana House

Aloha tiny house lovers! In this week’s episode of Tiny House Nation, John and Zack head to Oregon to give a Hawaii-loving couple the tiny home of their dreams.

Married couple Carol and Clay met in Hawaii, but just as friends. After reconnecting, they started their family after relocating to the ironically named city of Aloha, Oregon. They made the decision to go tiny to devote more time to their family, including two sons Manoah and Kona.

“We recognize that there are things that we have, the more time and energy it takes out of us,” said Clayton. “We just feel like we cant give our kids the best of us that we could if we didn’t have as much stuff.”

Even after pairing down, here are a few of the must-haves for Carol and Clayton’s new tiny house.

  • Healthy Kitchen to Create
  • Hawaii-Inspired Theme
  • Room to co-sleep with kids

Let’s see if John and Zack can bring the sunny vibe of Hawaii to the chilly atmosphere of Oregon!

There’s plenty of cabinetry in the kitchen, so it’s perfect for Carol and Clayton who spend so much time prepping food.

Even though Carol and Clayton live in Oregon, they were able to get the open and free feel of Hawaii with an outdoor patio between the two trailers.

The master bedroom isn’t only well-lit, but the bed also has a pull out compartment so that there’s enough room to co-sleep with the kids.

There you have it! Before you say aloha to Carol and Clayton, check out the full episode! And be sure to watch all of the full episodes of Tiny House Nation right here.

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