Tiny House Tour: Mobile Photo Studio

Get ready to say cheese! You’ll be left smiling after seeing a snapshot of this tiny house and studio.

John and Zack tackle a home and work space in this week’s episode of Tiny House Nation, “200 Sq. Ft. Mobile Photo Studio.” With a minimalist aesthetic and a toddler, Henry, who loves to read, photographers Aaron and Anna want a tiny mobile studio that they can take on the road.

Even as minimalists, the camerawork couple still had a few must-haves in their new home, which include:

  • Reading space for Henry
  • Open shelving in kitchen
  • Dedicated work space and area for camera gear

Check out what Zack and John came up with below!

Henry loved the teepee in his room, and there’s plenty of space for his books and toys in cabinets and storage below the bed.

Zack put together a great way implement open shelving in the kitchen, while still making sure that everything is secure during travel.

Not only is there storage for all the camera equipment, but it’s secure for when Aaron and Anna are on the move.

Watch the full episode of the mobile photo studio to see all the features from a better angle, and check out all full episodes of Tiny House Nation!

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