Tiny House Nation FAQ

How do we find out about purchasing a tiny house in my area?

There are tiny house builders popping up everywhere due to the popularity of Tiny Houses. Search the internet for Tiny House Builders in your area or for a tiny house company in general and they can point you in the right direction. Some are willing to build in their area and deliver you the tiny home to your area.

Who should I contact to build a tiny house on my lot? (looking for a contractor or consultant that specializes in Tiny Homes)

You can use a Tiny Home builder, which you can find on the internet, or use a local General Contractor who can buy Tiny House plans offline from tiny home companies. The house plans are simple enough that a qualified local builder could build a Tiny Home but using a pro Tiny Home Builder does save on the learning curve of how to build tiny.

Can I get the builder information (or blueprint) for a certain design of a house shown on the show?

Most of our builders are featured in the special thanks credits of the show and the house plans are customized to fit that home owners needs and we do not have exact plans for duplication.

Is there a way I can identify/purchase/locate/get more info on certain building materials seen on the show? (construction material used on the show, but doesn’t mention the brand or specs)

FYI has a promotional partners page that lists all the companies/products that have been used on the show. Tiny House Nation Promotional Partners

What are the legalities involved in building a tiny house? (Building on multiple properties, zoning, any related legal issues etc.)

The legalities and permits are based on what state or town you live in. A lot of communities are pushing for local laws to allow more areas zoned for tiny houses, so check with your local permit office to see what is allowed. Mobile tiny homes can be moved from property to property and are easier to navigate some of the issues related with permits, etc.

How are utilities handled with a tiny house, and what are my options? (Looking for suggestions for Water/sewage/electrical/AC/Heat/plumbing/internet)

City utilities are not really needed for tiny living unless you plan on building a foundation home and then you may be required to have the normal utility hook ups. Mobile tiny homes can use solar power for electricity, composting toilets for sewage and rain water systems for drinking water. It’s also very easy if parked at a location with access to electricity to plug your house in for power based on the electrical system installed. You can also use holding tanks for water like you would in an RV. Either way it’s not complicated depending on your tiny house goals and design.

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