Easy Houseplants for Every Lifestyle

(Photo Courtesy of iStock)

The Fiddle Leaf Fig was the botanical star of 2016’s décor trends, but with a new year comes new options. It’s time to spruce up your home with a fresh crop of easy-going perennials. Choose the plant that works best with your lifestyle – no green thumb necessary.

If: You’re a minimalist who considers form and function
Try: Aloe vera

New-Year-Houseplants-1(Photo Courtesy of iStock)

Aloe requires little more than indirect sunlight and damp soil, and even that won’t make or break it – this plant keeps an emergency stash of water in its leaves, so it’s pretty forgiving of occasional neglect. It’s a sleek complement to understated décor, but a true minimalist will appreciate the aloe plant’s function. Apply its soothing gel to burns, eczema, bug bites and cracked winter skin.

If: You’re committed to green living
Try: Jade

New-Year-Houseplants-2(Photo Courtesy of iStock)

Jade is happy in medium light, so you can display the leafy shrub in just about every corner of the house. A single plant is all it takes to jump-start an indoor garden that would give Versailles a run for its money. Simply snip off a shoot, replant it and watch a new Jade take shape. Emerald leaves will soon hang from floor to ceiling.

If: You appreciate a pop of color
Try: Kalanchoe

New-Year-Houseplants-3(Photo Courtesy of iStock)

Getting the right light for Kalanchoe can be tricky because its leaves sunburn easily. But, if you find a spot with a bit of shade, a satisfied succulent will turn up the color volume with blossoms in vibrant pinks, oranges, yellows and reds (there’s also white for the pigment-shy). Though it requires some extra effort, Kalanchoe can be coaxed into blooming year after year.

If: The kitchen is the heart of your home
Try: Mint

New-Year-Houseplants-4(Photo Courtesy of iStock)

Mint is such a happy houseguest that your biggest problem might be getting rid of it. The versatile, leafy herb grows like a weed, and it’s often considered one. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the attractive and low-maintenance plant (indirect light, a mild room temperature and water are its only requests), which makes a great addition to salad, iced tea and everything in between.

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