13 Small Sleeping Loft Ideas

Although you may not have a lot of extra room in your house, all it takes is a small, welcoming space for a good night’s sleep. Get inspired by some of our favorite sleeping lofts featured on Tiny House Nation:

tiny house nation
Light wood, a graphic rug and plenty of pillows makes this sleeping loft welcoming and cheerful.

The second loft is a dual-purpose study space and guest bed.
Don’t forget a loft can be used as a lounge area, as well as a place for overnight guests.

kids' sleeping loft tiny house Tiny House Nation
Sleeping lofts are a great place for kids, as the space feels secret and special.

tiny house sleeping loft
Try a larger bed in that small area and we guarantee you’ll feel protected and comfortable as you snooze.

Tiny House bedroom loft
Windows help with circulation and also provide great views.

Michele's cozy and open bedroom is perfect for a tiny house, but she can keep her privacy with a crank-operated set of wooden blinds.
You don’t need to skimp on style when it comes to sleeping lofts. Adding photos, rugs and accessories adds charm to the space!

At the top of the staircase, the Rempis parents have the tiny antique bedroom of their dreams.
Work in overall design elements into the smallest of places. The wood planks and window treatment make this loft feel like it’s part of the house and not an afterthought.

tiny house nation
This loft bed folds up into seating area and is used as another living space during the day.

tiny house nation
While this vertical clearance is probably only good for tiny tots, the storage can be used by all and is a great solution in any space.

tiny house nation
You can even add a loft area to an existing bedroom, which is perfect for sleepovers.

tiny house nation
Got attic space? Get rid of the extra stuff and consider using it as another living area that converts into a sleeping space when guests pop in.

tiny house nation
These homeowners have crafted the perfect place to read and relax during the day.

With skylights and windows for optimum air flow, a sleeping loft like this could be your next master bedroom for great views and a place to get away from it all.


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